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October 27, 2006


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Well, here in MD, Michael J. Fox is actually endorsing a Dem. candidate, Ben Cardin, over Repub., Michael Steele, and I, for one, am thrilled. Though I can see that your concerns for the long-term ramifications of parading the "attractive victim" are valid, I'm just sick of Repub. rule, and anything that works to end it is fine with me.

It's apparently the same ad, substituting names - McCaskill is also the Democrat in Missouri. You know I'm with you on electing Democrats, and McCaskill probably needs pro-stem cell more than Cardin (though I've been meaning to ask you for a take on Cardin v. Steele), and Steele's not exactly your typical Republican, though I guess he's opposed to embryonic stem cell research, apparently. But yes, I think tactics matter, and I think playing to the cheap emotional responses is dangerous. Is all I'm sayin'...

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