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October 26, 2006


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We built this city by starship is the most horrific song ever!
I'm also not a huge fan of Money Money by Billy Idol. FOr that matter I hate Billy Idol.

Speaking of Madonna, I nominate her remake of Don MaClean's "American Pie," for this simple reason: the point of the original is that it had many many verses, and, like it or loathe it, there was a certain sense of pride in knowing all of those words, whereas Madge's version has maybe three entire verses. Lackluster performance as well. Was it overplayed? Can't say for sure. There simply was no reason for this cover.

4 Non Blones - "Whats Goin On"...hey, hey, hey, hey, hey...GAG.

Ray Parker Jr's "Ghostbusters." No actual song there, way way way overplayed...and for bonus points, I believe he was sued by Huey Lewis for plagiarism or some such and lost.

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