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October 09, 2006


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1) What's all this "we?" Don't you live in Boston?

and b) What's all this "we?" Aren't you a big girly boy?

and thirdly, like Donald Trump and others before you, you are confusing what is impressive (much $) with what is important. Go ahead and spend at Saks if you must. While not heading to Wal-mart, I'm sure I can find a happier medium.

I agree with J in Baltimore-you left NY you cannot still consider yourself a New Yorker.

I grew up in a Met house but I can appreciate the Yankees for being a New York team that wins. Ask your new friends in Boston if liking a team that doesn't win and doesn't spend a lot of money is as much fun. And Saks is one of my favorite stores too! I'm also a big fan of Bergdorf's and I never set foot in Macy's.

I'm not going to have mutiny in the Comments section... :) I believe New Yorkers are New Yorkers in tgheir souls, not just in their location. And so I remain an NYC weboy, even during my exile periods. :)

as in Exile Island? you are watching Survivor after all!

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