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December 05, 2006


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You have articulated beautifully all I have been thinking but didn't realize I was thinking until now.

P.S. I'm making my mom (a teacher in private school) read it too-either she or I will post her thoughts (though it takes her longer to read things that even I.


I am reading his book City Limit's right now, but I'd be curious about your thoughts on his http://www.educationsector.org/analysis/analysis_show.htm?doc_id=367310>education ideas.

I'd be curious to read City Limits when you're through with it (as a poor writer, I no longer buy my own books). :) I looked at the Education Sector site while pulling this together, and they were a prime example to me of people having dozens of small conversations where one larger one would be more helpful. I think it's interesting - and telling - that Peterson's laudatory comments come mainly from his academic disciples (something I'd caution you against finding alluring), and that he offers up that telling anecdote of pulling his own kids to send them to private school... because it suggests he's universalizing off of his own experiences, and that he has no better solution than the rest of us about how to fix schools - just the notion (which I question deeply) that you can take a public system that covers 90% of the kids in the country and somehow turn it into a significantly more private enterprise. We don't, as far as I can tell, have the money or the teachers ready for that. But what astonishes me is that we're supposed to wait, presumably, for years while Peterson plays out his experiments to actually find out what works... because smehow in his all knowing way, he can Make It Right. I'd rather stop waiting and focus what we have, not some idealized dream.

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