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March 07, 2007


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I've always believed that NY doesn't so much create fashion trends as it does appropriate them from other places, subsequently calling them their own.

I love the Aspen comment.

I have a voluminous H&M scarf this season, and the only comment I've received is from a woman in New Orleans. "That's quite the scarf," or something like that.

Also, when I lived in NY, I would wear my scarf all day long, to class, the office, etc. People would comment on that. Not so much up here.

Also, if you live out here in college land, you'll find that the Jeep - albeit the Grand Cherokee - quite often does appear. Though it as often belongs to the women as the men.

Ok, first of all, J, NY IS a trend, ok, get it!!!!!

Second, W, as a New Yorker all I can say is-it is completely possible to be trendy, fashionable, and warm. And never have to wear UGG boots-ugh!
I have chic vintage fur with straigth jeans and round toe pumps to keep me warm. I have ultra modern down coats to wear with a fuller pant and ballet flats. Wait those would be trendy!
Oh and my husband would pick me up in a taxi.

While I agree in principle with Jennifer, I find that I CANNOT be warm with ballet flats, or pumps (do I own such a thing?) or any shoe that does not cover my ankles, i.e., a boot. I also HATE Uggs, but I do think fur lined boots are divine. I have a Cole Haan pair to which I am quite loyal, though I don't think they're particularly stylish, and this makes me sad.

If I could just weigh in here - I don't think it's impossible to be fashionable, trendy and warm - fashioon is, ultimately, a decision about what to wear that needs to meet one's needs, including warmth; it's one reason why I am not fully opposed to fur - in some climates, it's a reasonable choice, and fashionable as well. I'm not even sure the "Aspen look" isn't fashionable - I've seen women who do look flat out gorgeous doing it, it does emphasize a woman's curves in a way that makes sense on the right girl. I also know that Jennifer has been challenged at times to have shoe choice for snow, slush and rain that meets both fashionability and pratical needs; we all have those dilemmas at times. But any preppy gal in Boston could tell you that ballet flats are fabulous to own, impractical for snowy, icy days when the temp is like 9 below, and they need a warm boot. Are we really saying we're opposed to an Ugg that's used for the purpose it was originally intended for? I think the problem is the "Ugg and mini" look in 70 degree LA, not "10 below and snow in Aspen with a pair of tight jeans." But that's me.

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