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April 04, 2007


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I agree re: the feel it - I think that's so true about the writing stuff. First of all, I a) check your blog everyday (multiple times, actually), and b) hate it when you don't have new content up. You're normally VERY prolific. Yet, second, I know how hard it is to get stuff up there, day after day after day, especially after working, yoga-ing, or just feeling generally out of it or wiped out from something. Often, it's in the middle of something fun - like traveling - that I want to be blogging the most. The timing of getting our thoughts up here is tricky for all of us, even the "infinitely practical." But you know me, I'm much more emotional and spontaneous than your average Virgo. :) Hang in there, give yourself break, and keep at it! (And stop stealing all my material, btw...)

ditto to what Leigh said (well, exept the yoga): I look for new stuff on your blog at least a few times each day; your perspective is one I need, frankly.

On days you are stumped, maybe you could run an "ask Betty" - sorry - "ask NYCweboy" post.

Wait, you want me to be annoyed when you don't write?

I become mildly annoyed at you when you write day after day of political scandal stories. I much prefer the movie posts or the fashion posts-hey come to think of it, it has been a very long time...

And I get very angry at you when you disparage Manhattan. Or suggest that we have to do something for you.

I check your site a couple of times a day, and it makes me antsy when I don't see a new post. Even when the post is about something I don't particularly care about (or agree with), I still enjoy reading what you have to say.

So basically--"ditto"? Gah. That sounds so cliche.

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