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April 02, 2007


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Honey, we don't have to work to get you back-you left and have even decided you want to stay in Boston. As we say in Yiddish, "Gey gezunta heit" or "good, go ahead" (though I have no idea if that is spelled correctly)

You have to work to earn the right to be let back in. Just who do you think you are talking to here-Clevland?

Hey, I resent that Cleveland joke. :)

Wes...fess up, your mind and body are in Boston, by your heart is in New York.


The Village, huh? For me, if I ever get back, I think it will be Central Park, especially Sheep's Meadow and the rock by the Boathouse on a nice day, that will mush me out.

The Village does it for me, partly because it was the first place I experienced in NYC up close - my Mom's apartment when she started teaching at NYU was just south of Washington Square, and those familiar streets, there and west, are the ones that seduced me initially (along with Mars, the long defunct gay club in the Meatpacking District, back when that area was dicey as hell... come to think of it, hell was a bar there, too).

Dr. T, my heart is in my chest... which is in Boston with the rest of me.

And Jennifer you don't need to win me back, since I never left you, which is what I keep trying to tell you. The City, on the other hand, does need to win me back. It's kind of like a metaphor.

"It's kind of like a metaphor" - is that kind of like a simile?

No, my dear, the City does not have to win you back.

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