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May 28, 2007


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yes, this one saddened me too...I also remember him as the villain in Lidsville, another Sid and Marty Kroft (HR Puff n' Stuff)creation.

but how did it come out? did they accept "finishing school" in the end?

My ambivalent thoughts --

There is no such thing as gay culture, and probably no such thing as a gay community, but there does seem to be a rich tradition of irony and cryptic expression associated with being gay in America.
I have an impression -- it might be true, or it might be a hopelessly naive indulgence of the dominant narrative. I am going to share it, because their might be something to it:
I think that there are places, and times, and contexts, where gay people are/were not out, when effeminancy was better tolerated among men. I think there are contexts where closeted gay folks in public life -- and the general taboo against public discussion of homosexuality -- provide or provided cover for the effeminant heterosexual. Or in other words, the taboo created an assumption that everyone was straight. For those of us who are straight, but don't always fit the stereotype, there might have been occasions when this was more comfortable.
Of course, this is a minor minor cost to all that has been achieved since stonewall. But it is a reminder that every strategy of resistance against gender, and CNR was, like it or not, resisting gender, has something to teach.

That show was completely fucking baffling. I have no idea what the hell was going on. That was on the air???

And (among other things) Paul Lynde was Samantha Stevens "Uncle Arthur" on Bewitched.

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