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May 27, 2007


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you recently thanked us for going easy on the sycophantiac praise; so I hate to prove you wrong; but this is really quite well-written, and what I needed to read this Memorial Day.


and here, I thought it was going to be about how you couldn't get Chick-Filet in KC (hmm, KFC? coincedence?)

Do I say that I LOVED Kansas City-I don't think I loved it. At first, after we came back I told people that I didn't hate it as much as I though I would but I feel more than that, actually. I really did like it. I had a different experience than you. My husband and I went for a wedding so we knew many New Yorkers and hung out with them (thereby avoiding much of middle America); we stayed in a glamourous art deco boutique hotel (recently renovated, and again happily avoiding much of middle America) and we found, easily, the cool new restaurants and the few shops there were plus some terrific antiquing. For us it had the criteria of a great city-terrific architecture (lots of Victorian wharehouses), wonderful shopping (both old and new), and delicious food. Was it a world class city that I am in love with (like Paris, or New York)? No. But I liked it a lot and if my husband were willing (nor am I trying to convince him) I'd go back . I do love burnt ends and if nothing else KC is a GREAT barbecue town!

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