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June 03, 2007


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I am with you! I am a messy person! And, as much as I don't want to see dust I don't want to spend any of the precious time I have all to myself cleaning. I will not clean-so I pay someone else to do it and it makes me a very happy girl. Not eeew at all.

And I agree with you-I keep everything because the minute you donate it it comes right back in!

My mother was cleaning out some drawers about 10 years ago, while I was at her house and she said. "these 1970's enamel pins will never come back, who likes anything from the 70's??" HA HA HA guess what happened about a year after she threw them out. Do you know how expensive enamel pins are at flea markets??? :):)

Wow. It's almost cosmic that I came to this blog today. I haven't before, but I clicked in after reading something you wrote on TAPPED. So what's the cosmic part? Today is my first day off in awhile and I set aside time to clean. I am messymessymessy and the photo of your apartment made me feel better; mine looks like that too. Anyway, today has been pretty crappy. I like projects too, but cleaning projects are no fun. But your post helps. Wow. Messy gay men unite. It actually gets old hearing people tell me I have to be a neatfreak just because of my orientation. Anyway, good luck on the cleaning...

yeah no, count me in as another gay man who did not get the tidy gene

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