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July 24, 2007


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I’m glad you mentioned that singing guy with the guitar he seemed like such a douche bag. The victimizing of those with money, I can’t help but not care! They also seemed to focus way too much attention on the Big 3 who all gave standard politician answers. I would have liked to hear more from Mike Gravel & Dennis Kucinich

I actually thought (and Pam over at Pandagon appears to agree with me) that one of Edwards few honest responses was to this pastor. Separating his personal beliefs from the professional.

Agreed on Obama's lame NYC taxi answer.

Also, the WaPo, NYT, Matt Yglesias and The Guardian (latter two the same?) at least all ran articles that this was a lame debate, nothing new, same old posturing, etc. etc. Only cool thing was watching homemade videos.

No, really...did Edwards turn you down for a date or something a while back?

Am really at a loss regarding your obsession with this "Let's kick this loser while he's down" thing.

I'd like to second Jim's query!

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