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August 13, 2007


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And good riddance!

Nice piece overall but gonna take you to task (just a little) for this one: "His deepest insight is that Hillary Clinton can win the Democratic nomination and then lose in November 2008? Oh my goodness, wake the kids.... Haven't we all been saying that all along?"

Have you? I thought you were thinking she'd win the whole thing. This is what makes it hardest for so many to vote for Clinton in the primary: a deeply felt notion that she just can't win in the general.

After seeing the various clips of Sad Karl proclaiming what an honor and a pleasure it has been to serve the President, blah blah, all day long, I am struck anew by the potency of the man's ability to compartmentalize. Really, I think he's reached a point in his life where he has lied and/or obfuscated so often, and so deeply, and so egregiously, he actually believes his own bullshit (at about the 99% level), if indeed there was ever a time when he didn't believe it. I'm not so naive as to be surprised at this talent--all politicians and political aides have it to a certain degree--but when you hear Rove laugh off his well-deserved reputation as the villainous mastermind behind scandal after scandal, when you hear him pooh-pooh the hordes on the left who'd drive a wooden stake into him and follow that with silver bullets, you realize that he's a world-class actor, a schemer of historic magnitude.

And now that he's executed his big Exit...stage right, even, the lights will dim, and the director and understudy will need to chase after him before he disappears into the mist and that all-important and damning script evaporates along with him.

Agreed re: Jim's comment, but overall this is a great post. Are you going to read the profile of Rove in the Atlantic and report back to me on that one too?

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