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September 13, 2007


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Blame China? I'm thinking no.


China is simply giving us what we want, or at least, what we tell them we want when we buy all the El Cheapo stuff over and over and over, looking the other way and trying not to think about sweatshops and prison labor and ground-up melamine going into our food.

It's the same thing with the FDA, which I've written about extensively. Despite a less-than-1% inspection rate of food imports, the agency has been quietly closing labs and cutting staff--key staff, too, the very scientists and analysts we need on the front lines to protect our food supply.

It's easy to blame a faceless entity half a globe away. But the real blame belongs right here, where we're allowing the systematic defunding and Norquistian drowning of the agencies that are (or at least were) created to protest the American consumer.

And so, we get what we pay for: poisonous crap. Until we, as a nation, realize that certain government functions are so important, they cannot be handed off to private interests without compromising, if not making a complete mockery of, their very raisons d'etre, we will continue to see lead-laden toys, pathogen-choked produce, and chemical-laced food imports pouring into our unprotected ports. God help us.

(that should have been protect, not protest, the American consumer! Kind of a backwards Freudian slip, heh heh.)

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