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January 25, 2008


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I stand by my nominations.

I forgot about the friend (we need to get him to show up here) and Rush. Fair enough, but only because I'm feeling charitable that way.

I have to respectfully disagree on "The Joker," though. kd's version tanked too, and was enough to bring that entire smoking-themed album of hers down to coma-level energies. I was chainsmoking then, and should have been an easy sell; alas...

AND what of my earlier nominee, "Amanda," an 80's power ballad so bad, I can't even tell you who recorded it. Google says Boston, but surely that can't be right?

Next time, I promise; but yes, Boston, Amanda, definitely makes the cut. :)

also, I was wondering if, when new songs are added, we could get a view of the completed list after...and, perhaps, a nice little ceremony of sorts, but no speeches

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