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February 10, 2008


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I didn't want to turn on my PC this morning because I knew what to expect re:the rhetoric. Then I thought, Weboy will have something sensible and true.

Yes, I do feel obligated to talk about the LA results. Hope I get to that.

It really pissed me off last night, watching the returns come in at the same clip, that Obama was called so quickly and Huckabee was not. Double standard much??

And yes, this brokered convention b.s. The M.A.S. (the true polsci major) went on and on last night about how nothing in our democracy is direct, that we live in a republic, that this superdelegate situation is every bit as valid as caucuses, primaries, etc. - contrary to the claims of insiders saying that superdelegates is a process of insiders and a slap in the face to democracy! I want him to write a guest post, but it'll never happen. He's a flickr-ite, not a blogger.

yay flickr!

Unfortunately, from what I'm seeing, it looks like the Super Delegates that have pledged votes to Clinton earlier are going to be under huge pressure to change their votes.

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