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March 27, 2008


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"The two women would only have one scene, a doozy of a confrontation in a department store fitting room."

Aren't they both in the last scene together as well?

I still say (20 years later!) Rosalind Russell steals the show.

Your write up makes me want to go out and pick up some Crawford flicks. Nice.

A very nice and inspired read, thanks. Between you and Siren it's been a joy to see such thoughtful essays. H/t to Wolcott too for sending the links.

One Q- I was under the impression Shearer coverted to Judaism upon her marriage to Thalberg. Though it'd be kind of funny to imagine her converting way before just to SNAG Thalberg, lol!


Thanks so much for the link, the kind words and this wonderful analysis of Joan in The Women--"tough, uncompromising, and sexual" indeed. I'm not sure Crawford ever went after Thalberg; Lambert's Shearer bio says he was never much interested in Joan as an actress, let alone anything else. (Of course Joan might have tried it on anyway, she was like that and don't we love her for it.) Thalberg was passionately in love with Constance Talmadge for quite a while, but Talmadge didn't reciprocate. Shearer waited him out and was canny enough to cater to Thalberg's mom, who had a lot of influence with him. Shearer converted just before their marriage as another sop to Mama Thalberg. Lambert puts it well--"after testing so often, Norma finally got the part."

Your blog is a new discovery for me and I like very much! And since you are in NY, we might wind up in the same cinema seeing the 2008 Women, unbeknownst to each other, because I doubt I'll be able to stay away either.

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