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March 24, 2008


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I don't know abut a Begonia being able to beat McCain. Maybe a Tiger Lilly.

BTW, nice post. I'm coming here by way of Riverdaughter and I'm so glad that I did. You have a very nice site.

Well, I try to dust... and keep the furniture neat. :)


Very well said, as usual.

I have to say I had a low point of doubt over the weekend about Hillary, but your post helped me get over it. I have to admit I am getting a little worn out by all this, but I think it is fundamental that this process be allowed to run its course without calling for a candidate to drop out.

I was talking with my family yesterday, and I told them that the current situation is best argument FOR a Superdelegate system, because we may be witnessing what happens when a candidacy starts strong and ends weak.

On a side note, Bill Clinton is in Logansport, Indiana today. That's my home town. We can't even get governor's to visit! If only that had been 1992, I would be in the front row!

I think you're exactly right about the grace and reasonableness that'll be required of Clinton supporters (even if Obama's melodrama and passive-aggressiveness does drive me up a wall).

For one thing, the original reason for why I (and others) wanted a Clinton/Obama ticket is that I want SIXTEEN YEARS. Not just eight.

I think he'd be a great president once he gains some experience and consolidates his own power base (rather than being a tabula rasa for important Democratic Congresscritters). It's flattering when Kennedy and Pelosi like you best, but you have to consider that they might have their own reasons for that.

I wish he and his supporters would consider the long run. It really would be doing the best thing for the country, although it requires setting ego aside (temporarily).

Obama's "melodrama? It's Hilary who's the drama queen here—psychodrama queen, that is! She certainly deserves some kind of crown for her Bosnia misspeak. Why does she have to resort to such BS? It's so beneath her. Trust is an issue people have with her, and this certainly doesn't help. Doesn't anyone in her circle have the balls to tell her to stop this crap. Go, Hilary!

Dude, chill. She didn't lie. People have corroborated that it was a hard landing. The only thing on video is the first leg of the trip. It was the second leg that was treacherous. On that part, she did misspeak. It was nearly 20 years ago. I don't remember ANYTHING from 20 years ago.

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