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March 23, 2008


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Hottie that he is, I was exasperated listening to him. What is his solution? Have us stay there 100 years because otherwise "blood" will be on our hands. Blood is already on our hands. Let's get the hell out.

DT, Here's a post at Romanesko that follows up on your thought:


I didn't see it quite that way - I felt that Ware was describing the complexities of Iraw in a rather straightforward way, without advocating one choice or another; and I think Democrats have to face some of what he's talking about: there are huge consequences for leaving a situation that's untenable, and a future breakdown of Iraqi society, if we simply pull out, will be something that will be out responsibility. That's what we took on by going in. But I think Ware also points out, and I agree... that the pressures to leave are immense, growing and probably inevitable. Which I don't think is taking "the Republican side." But I can see why others would say that.

Thanks for the comment.

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