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March 26, 2008


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insomnia is the devil's plaything...wait; that's not right

but I do offer these suggestions which sometimes work for me:

1) close your eyelids only halfway instead of completely; it tires the muscle and might do the trick

b) make yourself think of random nouns, and try to keep them to ones that have no bearing on your current life - without relation to either the good or bad stresses you might have; it's pretty much the same as counting sheep but slightly less monotonous

and third) - regulate your breaths: inhale, hold, and exhale for three full seconds

might not help, but, like I said, sometimes works for me



You have my deepest sympathies. You're supposed to get back up and just hang out until you fall asleep. It's at least distracting. xoxoxo

I've had some listless sleep lately, too. So, I feel your pain.

Get a massage. Let somebody rub some of that stress out of your muscles. Works wonders.

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