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March 18, 2008


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But do you think it help with the Pastor Wright problem? My concern is that while this may not hurt him in the primaries, it may hurt him in the general election. What do you think?

I want us to be better people, I want the world to change. I want to believe in the world Barack Obama sees. But it's not the one we have, and not everyone is going to get on board for where I - or Barack Obama - want to go. Not everyone is on board for that journey, and we'll wait a long, long time... waiting for the world to change, for people to be better than they are, and not hold the resentments they hold. That's the reality.

That's a very apt assessment. As a baby boomer, it reminds me of my journey from the idealism of the '60's and all the progressive movements to the realism of where we are today. It's not that I've ever lost the yearning for racial justice, civil rights and acceptance for women and gays, responsible environmentalism. It's just that I now understand the very real obstacles to achieving those goals. I see that dichotomy in this election. Obama represents who I might have voted for in my youth. Hillary represents what I understand is needed to overcome the obstacles and move ahead.

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