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March 22, 2008


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Well, you fought the good fight. I appreciate it; I checked out much earlier.

I'll donate $10 for every idiotic comment over there to Hillary - that way the bullying won't have all been for nothing.

ish! I don't think Ezra should leave political posts like that to dangle on a Fri. afternoon - they ferment!

I'm grateful for this post. I was initially for Hilary, but am now a Obama supporter, but would still be ok with Hilary as the nominee. Perhaps not as enthusiastically as I would be for Obama, but that's because I feel that I can better rely on Obama not to get us into any more wars than Hilary, who comes off to me as a bit too hawkish for my taste. The other differences between them seem pretty insignificant to me. So why has the discourse between us become so nasty? It's so egotistical and juvenile. It's no wonder the Republicans fuck with us so much. We should be fortunate to have two candidates of such caliber on the democratic side. Obama is not the boogey man and Hilary is not the she-devil. So let's all just get a grip,

Hawkish or not, this fall will be about national security and she is better than Obama in this regard. If she becomes President, hopefully we can work with her to be more of a peacenik.

Anti-Clintonism has been this nasty for 16 years. People only complain when Obama is subjected to criticism.

To Obama and Obamabots, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen/race. Clinton supporters have weathered these storms.

Ah, housecleaning!! I've been on the couch all day, hungover, my own special way of taking the day off. ;)

Can you hop over here with the vaccuum when you're finished up at your place? My place could really use some spring cleaning!!

I'm a Republican, who was going to support Hilary, but with the democratic party self-destructing, I'll vote for McCain. The democrats have shown themselves, once again, to be a bunch of losers.


I'll take our "losers" any day over your repub "winners."

hydrino - as J says... Godspeed. As a Democrat, I would never, ever dream of voting Republican. That you would contemplate someone as clearly liberal - and clearly as despised by the GOP establishment - as Hillary Clinton, tells me you're not going to find what you need there, at some point. But the Democratic Party is not the Republicans, there's healthy arguing, and disagreeing. After a while, you get used to it. Or, you stay in the GOP.

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