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March 13, 2008


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Very well said.

Though I probably didn't help the discourse much with the post on my blog this morning, but I'm still livid about it.

It is theoretically possible that Ferraro was only talking about this as a "thought exercise".

It's also theoretically possible that Dubya really did have a fixation on Dredd Scott in 2004.

Unfortunately, both are equally likely.

link, please!

great post. i can feel the emotion in this one.

The things you're saying here make sense to me, they make sense to me as a white southerner who would like to see our region and our country get beyond race -- I think a certain class of white southerner is exploited to his/her detriment by the so-called "southern strategy" because I think it's about class and not about race or about money and not about race -- and it makes sense to me as a woman who is outraged to see that sexism isn't even perceived. We are all hypersensitive about race without being honest and apparently not sensitive at all about gender.

NickinIndy: thanks for posting your answers to Rev. Wright. I don't know why it didn't help. We need to be honest.

Sorry to go on at length but this race is upsetting me and I see a lot of tribalism on both sides without much sense.

Thank you for the kind words, Bluegrass. However, my conscience got the better of me as the day wore on, and I took it down.

As much as I believe, as NYCweboy does above, that a substantive discussion of race is necessary. However, I do not think anything can be accomplished in the next two months of this political campaign other than fracturing the Democratic Party. (hmm...may be adding this to a post of mine on my blog...thanks for helping me flesh it out)

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