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March 26, 2008


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I support Hilary (I, too, think she's stronger on the issues), but at the risk of being called a Judas (don't be hating, Carville), if Obama still remains ahead in all the numbers, and the nomination is handed to Hilary, even though it's within the rules, I'm not sure how gleeful we Hilary supporters should be about that. I'm certainly not comfortable with it. I mean, by any measure, when compared to Obama's, Hilary has run a suprisingly inept campaign. At this point, she should be making a better case for herself as president, and she hasn't. She's totally lost her way, or "path" as you say. This "never give up, never surrender," approach of hers is one of her greatest strengths, but I fear it's also her greatest weakness. Here's hoping she finds her path again, for her own sake, if nobody else's.

"The campaign" - I assume by this you mean Clinton's campaign? You use "they" throughout w/o ever specifying who you're talking about, so I'm having to click through your links to figure it out.

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