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April 30, 2008


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I think this is a well-reasoned, well-argued, convincing post. But I'm an easy audience. I'm curious to hear from Obama supporters on this one.

This is really the only way this problem can be solved, but Obama seems defiant, playing the "waiting my turn" card from MLK's "Letter from Birmingham Jail." I'm not saying he won't, but there will have to be an amazing burying of the hatchet from both sides.

Btw, if you haven't seen it, your Health Care diary on MyDD got a rescue in the main column.

What's the argument for bypassing "the math?"

I'm an Obama supporter, but not one of the crazy ones who don't open their mind to other possibilities. Your argument is very well taken, and I know that this situation is definitely possible in November, but there's no reason why Obama should give up now. I, for one, am voting for Obama very heavily based on his honesty and openness to the American people. While he may be a "rookie" at least he's a guy who will keep us in the loop about him and his policies.
There are things about Hillary that worry me, not the least of which is this huge lawsuit against her husband that she's involved in (and that is being covered up until AFTER the November election). I would rather have a rookie president that's honest than an experience president that's dishonest.

I think your position is a sound one. I, too, would like to hear from Obama's supporters. However,I'm sorry to say, if any of the other postings I have been reading are any indication, they will disagree very loudly.

I think the thing to do would be to find another black male who is not so recently tarnished as Obama. His troubles will fade over time, but for this election, he's a negative. It wouldn't hurt him to spend the next four to eight years putting together a record in the Senate that convincingly shows he can do the things he has promised during this campaign. That experience and record will serve him much better than being Vice President in his still unseasoned state.

dark1p - black people are not interchangeable.

If this were a close election with Clinton, as opposed to Obama, with the slight lead, I think this would make more sense. Unless the current controversies really do lead to a game-changer like Clinton winning NC (or other clear proof that Obama would crater in the fall), I can't imagine why Obama would settle for VP.

I'd also quibble with some of your arguments; the Clinton campaign is clearly the one with the bigger error record, starting with assuming inevitability and not preparing for a competitive primary, continuing with untactful statements on race (most of which, admittedly, weren't racist), Bosnia of course, and so on.

The reason Obama is getting more heat right now is not that he's has more weaknesses, it's that he's the frontrunner. The fact is if Clinton were leading, we'd be hearing all kinds of crap about out of touch she is (the media does this to all Democrats), and don't think for a second that the Republicans won't use every Clinton scandal ad nasueum, however unfairly, if she becomes the nominee.

In any case I think this is a thoughtful and genuine argument, however I think Obama has no incentive to give up a modest but real lead, and that Obama's recent controversies have obscured Clinton's very real general election vulnerabilities.

Greg fleshes out (Thanks, Greg!) what I meant by "the math."

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