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April 22, 2008


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Who would win in a fight - the Unity Lobster or the Unity Pony??

Well, the Unity Lobster in question is bigger than the Bull, so I'd have to think the size AND the claws would give the Lobster the advantage. But then I've never really seen a rendering of the Unity Pony yet.

As a resident of Washington DC who has enjoyed seeing Metropolitan's trucks for years, I do have to inform you that the bull is a fairly recent addition (2002). Previously, the company was Metropolitan Poultry and Seafood, and had just the chicken and lobster.


I don't have the url handy, but I do recall that there's a website dedicated to "Suicide Animals" on logos, gleefully anticipating their deaths.

Thanks, Michael, I'll google about the cheerfully suicidal logos. I seem to remember a funny "documentary" on Buffy when she was training to work at the Sunnydale Double Meat Palace, in which the Cow and Chicken were also absurdly optimistic about their fates.

if I were in the death grip of a giant lobster's claws, I think I'd play nicey-nicey with the smiles too.

Ditto. The smiles are kinda frightening and the lobster looks a little too ready to snip snip with its claws.

I just came across the Suicide Food url on a blog devoted to animation!


Great site, Michael.

I think Bunsen Burners (with the pig inside one of them) is the most tasteless.

At least Jack the Ribber was angry about his fate.

The original lament sadly shows that there are so many literal folks on line and twittering that need real work.

As opposed to, say, readers who seek out a 15 month old post and offer a comment well over a year after anyone could possibly care...

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