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April 14, 2008


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I would write a post in response but a) I have no idea what you're talking about when you ask these questions and 2) the notion of King Kong's love for the girl is that it is purer, platonic love. Part of the exposition you missed is that Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) has "been around" and been used and abused by men (as she is, by the way, to attract Kong). King Kong protects her, cares for her... and she responds by showing him kindness and gentleness. So, if I understand what you're driving at in your second question - you dirty bird - no, that's not the point.

Which, by the way, you'd have been better served watching the whole movie and not that Big Brother nonsense. :)

Kisses, Joan.

But no, weboy, seriously, what about that Skull Island stuff? You're telling me they just let that island continue to exist with the dinos and giant roaches?

I'm not asking about The point, weboy, but plot points.

p.s. I wasn't asking about Kong's, eh, sexuality, you naughty zut, but more about the, uh, indelicate functions

Oy... you know, there's this amazing thing called Netflix (or an even older concept called Blockbuster) where you can acquire all the answers you need on shiny silvery discs. Anyway, about Skull Island - remember (although of course, you probably missed it) - no one knows where Skull Island actually is. The ship is blown off curse, the map they have gets blown away (or burned up... something), we only have the vaguest suggestion that it's somewhere in the Pacific. So finding it would be a challenge, never mind destroying it. And anyway... what did it do to you? Giant bugs, dinosaurs... it's not like they get off the island and eat you. Live and let live, I say. And by the way... that's partly the point of the film.

But you're more fun to ask!

Why would the pterodactyls stay only on that island, and more importantly, why would Black, Brodie, Watts, etc expect them to do so. Makes no sense. Surely, any of those survivors would spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders.

I'm all for live and let live, but once Jack Black invades your space, you can't pretend he hasn't dramatically altered that space forever; have you not seen School of Rock?

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