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April 12, 2008


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You know. As a Hillary supporter, I am trying to find ways to get behind Obama, if/when he gets the nomination, but he continues to make rookie mistakes like this, and it makes me even more discouraged for his chances in November.

Sure, the fact that small towns are bitter (I grew up in one, so I know), is, indeed that...a fact. I saw my hometown become a low/wage migrant stronghold because the meat processing plant was bought by IBP. However, I signed the petition for IBP to move in, because if that plant had failed, then it would have been the death of the town. Anyway, there is one thing for a major political candidate to know this fact, but it is entirely something else for said candidate to actually SPEAK it to an audience in San Fransisco, no less. Seriously? These small towns have a mistrust for Liberals in the first place...and to vice this in that audience, well, it is a big deal. There were "bitter" protesters at Obama's speech in Muncie, IN, which is just a shocking development.

He's screwing the pooch here. It's sad. He's just showing that he's not ready for this level of politics. It just goes back to my thought that he needed to baste for a few more years in the Senate, and it has absolutely nothing to do with his "waiting his turn." Time and again, he proves himself to be absolute novice, and the time for a novice in the White House is OVER!

May I say that, in contrast to your post about Obama's alleged "gay problem," which I found one-sided and overdetermined, this post is (with a couple quibbles) quite convincing and well-written.

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