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May 07, 2008


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Wow, that was fast.

Hold off on that "we" of "we're done" please. Not there and don't know if I ever will be. Seriously. Just might be too much water under the bridge for me.

Thanks for this. I wanted her to win too, but your post and Todd Beeton's sum it up well. As a practical matter, it probably isn't going to happen now. I know if the show were on the other foot, Donna Brazile and company would be screaming about the stolen election, but that's them. As weboy said, that's not us, and ultimately I believe as Dems that we need to be together against an insane warmongering hack like McCain. I don't like the way this went down, and I'm not going to pretend that divisions don't exist, but I'm not going to hand it to our homegrown fascists in November by sitting on my hands. Still, it does fucking suck, doesn't it?

Sorry, "shoe on the other foot," not show. Me type real gud sumdae.

I with Jim. I need some time to process this and think.

No "we" here yet.

I think she has to stay in through Puerto Rico - for the voters. If the CW is as solid as the Times says it is, and Obama is the nominee, then he can campaign for this month against McCain, and she can stay in and let the voters signal their support for her. If her campaign is as handicapped as it supposedly is by $$ and perception, then again, she's hardly a strong foe against Obama at this point. But the primary season has been such an invigorating exercise for actual voters that I think she owes us all to remain in the game.

It's hard to call her finished and also still a threat to Obama in the same breath.

On the other hand, if as weboy points out, Obama is the nominee, it will take the pressure off, for me at least, to remain engaged in election 08.

The rest of life awaits!

I thought until yesterday that I could vote for Obama in the GE.
Now I know I can't. I've cancelled my subscriptions (that can be measured in decades) to two "liberal" mags because I can no longer pay money for page after page (and blog after blog) of misogyny.

I have realized that, for me (one of those despised older white women), voting for Obama would be the equivalent of an AA voting for a Klansman.

There is nothing Obama or his supporters can do or say to get my vote. They're like the guys who batter their wives and then beg forgiveness afterwards. They are not going to get it.

And don't play the "McCain would be worse" horse. The reason we've had 8 years of the Shrub is because some of those latte-liberals supporting Obama decided that Gore and Kerry weren't "pure enough". Now they want me to save their guy? Forget it.

Moreover, according to a post on Digby, Obama has plans to register millions of new voters for him. And Donna Brazile says the Dem. party doesn't need the base.

So, I won't vote for Obama (or McCain) and my conscience will be clear.

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