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June 08, 2008


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We're supposed to unify... but too many people, I think, plan to approach "unity" with swords still drawn

I've been seeing this phenomenon all over the blogs myself. It's particularly obvious in the discussions of Clinton as VP (a topic on which, for the record, this former Clinton supporter has no particular opinion): Obama supporters think she shouldn't be the VP candidate for the same reasons she shouldn't have been the P candidate, and Clinton supporters think she shouldn't accept any offer for the same reasons they didn't like Senator Obama in the first place. It's unfortunate, but probably inevitable, that this debate has cropped up immediately after the nomination campaign ended. There's been no time to cool down, evaluate the new situation, and think about how "unity" might actually work.

I honestly, don't think I I can bear this any longer. These prissy, simpering, cowardly little people who live to decimate the objects of their irrational hatred, They did it to Bill Clinton, Al Gore and they pimped for Bush and they call themselves journalists and even in victory cannot summon up one iota of graciousness. They pick their candidate and they are ALWAYS wrong! Without exception, they are always wrong - and they still have jobs! In no other "profession" would this be tolerated. I knew Andrew Sullivan in Reigate, he was a nasty little boy and he is a nasty little man. I do not know of another human being who could have withstood the barrage of personal attacks that Hillary Clinton has had to endure since first she showed her face in Arkansas, If I had given the speech, it would have been much shorter "Thank you all for coming and fuck you Obama" whilst wearing something stunning, but that's probably why I work alone in a room without windows. It won't stop here though, when Obama loses in November and lose he will, it will still be her fault, whatever she does, that's the novel these cynical scum have already written.

I think any genuine Obama supporter who saw Clinton's speech thought it was genuine, moving and impressive. She has indeed done a lot to improve her speeches, and this is among her best.

Dowd and Noonan are not Obama-supporters or Democrats, do not care about Democrats winning or any progressive causes, and have every incentive to continue to bash Hillary Clinton (Andrew Sullivan also fits the bill except for the very first part). Don't worry though, they'll soon ratchet up the production of columns discerning Obama's radical anti-American ideology, based on the way he moves his eyebrows while visiting soldiers, or something.

Anyways I agree that unity isn't automatic, but I think by the time the convention comes around we'll be in much better shape. My point is that it isn't (in 95% of cases) Obama-Democrats who "can't simply take Mrs. Clinton at her word" at this point, it's conservatives like Noonan, nihilistic trash-mongers like Dowd, and very confused fair-weather Democrats like Sullivan.

I think a lot of the antipathy Clinton supporters have towards Obama is due to rancid treatment she's gotten from people like those above, who couldn't care less about progressive politics (I'm not saying "all", I'm saying "a lot"). It would really be a shame if we let these sorts of people impede unity.

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