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June 08, 2008


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Even after purposely answering Hedonistically, darn if I didn't end up Existential too; and I'm still not really sure what that means.

Ah, my friend, I know from our extensive discussions that you are in fact terribly existential (i would have expected some Kant in there too), maybe some nihilism. I know you believe in pleasure (me too)... but true hedonism? That's not really us, I don't think...

I gotta say that the quiz is written in such a way that all but the most clearcut fundamentalists/evangelicals (and not, for example, your casual Episcopalians) are going to come out as Existentialists. Also, what's up with appropriating Pascal in the Existentialist quote column? Does nobody remember that his "Pensees" were a defense of Christianity? Believing in nurture over nature doesn't make him an Existentialist -- he also believed in natural law.

On a funnier note, somehow I keep reading "Utilitarianism" as "Unitarianism". Eek!

For the record: Existentialism
Justice (Fairness)
Divine Command
Strong Egoism

Existentialist utilitarian justice

Took it again moving most of my middling answers to the extremes...hedonism rules!

Existentialism 80
Utilitarianism 60
Hedonism 60
(that might be wishful thinking!)
Justice 50
then Apathy, Nihilism, Kant and Ego all under fifty, all the way down to, I'm pleased to say, Divine Command at 0.

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