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September 29, 2008


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"And nothing, really, will get us just what we've been getting. Only worse."

Again, this part hasn't been sold successfully yet. Or what we're getting isn't hurting enough yet to those already hurting.

Speaking only anecdotally, "nothing" is the overwhelming choice of those I'm hearing from. If things have been bad for you all along, it's hard to get worked up about Wall St. Not the most thought-through logic but that's what "something" is up against.

"There isn't another magic solution, there's nobody with a better idea... there's this, or nothing."

I agree generally, we have to do something. But I thought there were lots of better ideas being circulated - Sen. Clinton's emphasis on reviving the HOLC, Galbraith had a well thought out plan in WaPo, no?

I was struck this morning by the brief remarks of 1 House GOP on BBC who voted against this bill, how it would give $$ to "undeserving" pp and that would make his constituents unhappy. It's sort of mind boggling...remove "Wall Street tycoons" and insert "welfare queens." (Wanda Sykes did the best riff on this on Letterman last week.) But really, it's like this faux notion of us all being in the "middle-class" and being the only "deserving" bunch in this country has really triumphed, and that blunt concept combined with this notion that our "middle-class" lives are distinct from those at the very top as well as those at the bottom is really problematic.

Anyway, this is just the beginning of a thought that's forming...not quite sure where I'm headed with this yet...

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