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September 11, 2008


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This is a great post, and I'm wishing you and J a fabulous time at the beach. I miss you!

This post makes me think of the posts people write about generational differences in diverse friendships, i.e., younger folks live in a more racially/ethnically diverse world, have more friends of color, etc. etc. than their parents' generation. Or so the story goes. With this comes different viewpoints, etc. You get it.

The other thing it makes me think is how I always romanticized the 70s as a period when I would have been able to be way more carefree sexually as a single straight woman. I was born in the 70s, so this is only based on myth and history and disco, ;), but it always sounded to me like that would have been an entirely different, pre-AIDS, women's lib world than being young in the late '90s and worrying about safety, disease, etc. But maybe it's all fantasy, nostalgia for a time I never lived in...

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