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October 22, 2008


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It's considered shallow - or off point, or certainly antifeminist - to suggest that Palin has benefited from her looks in this Vice Presidential round

FWIW, I don't think it's antifeminist to say Palin has benefited from her looks; she certainly has.

It's the accusation that she has deliberately traded on her looks (when there's really no evidence she's done any such thing) that's antifeminist.

And of course the people who give her a benefit specifically because of her looks are antifeminist, but that's a whole other post. ;-)

the obvious double standard: we don't ask what McCain, Obama, or Biden spend on suits, or who pays for them.

Exactly. Something else I was thinking of was that Obama, Biden, and McCain presumably all have suits and campaign outfits already, from previous years of campaigning and being in the national eye, whereas Palin didn't. So, um, duh the campaign is spending a ton of money outfitting her and her family for appearances.

It's a double bind. Women are expected to look gorgeous, but if they appear to put any effort into it or spend large sums of money doing so, then they're derided as frivolous. Silly women, spending money on clothing! They can't manage finances!

When I heard this story this morning I was hoping the cost of Biden's clothes would be brought to keep things balanced. But of course that didn't happen.

I'm not suggesting, again, that Palin's use of campaign funds is the best thing; but still - she's expected to look good, and they have the money to do it.

This is highly hypocritical any which way you cut this. She claims to be out there for joe six pack and therefore supporting the fashion industry to this degree is wrong.

I love how the boys at MSNBC are loving this story and yet somehow failing to disclose the price of their suits/french cuffs, etc.

I'd like a look, as well, at Biden's receipts.

If Palin donates the clothes to charity after her failed election, does this count in her favor? Like...she just rented them, but didn't really buy them.

And btw, Obama can carry off just about any outfit on his frame. Hence, I'm throwing my support behind him just to inject some degree of male fashion into the beltway.

No one does the politics of fashion better than you!

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