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November 20, 2008


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not "black people" - "black men." They had to hire "black men" to keep company with the white men bloggers.

I don't read any of the mainstream blogs you linked to, except MyDD. Gee, I wonder why that might be??

I think YOU need to diversify your blogroll!! :)


Mine is still extremely lefty, so I'm not exactly reading anything new either.

I like FDL and Digby, Shakesville, Talk Left, Ta-Nehisi, The Black Snob, PostBourgie, and Anglachel. And you.

"...narrowness of the mainstream left's blogs,"

For me, what's troubling is how similar left blogistan is to right blogistan, in terms of 'how' bloggers think (vs. 'what' they think).

It mostly boils down to "My A + My B = I'm right!" which doesn't make for much of an interesting read (unless you're already in the choir).

Every now and then, someone will actually think their way through an issue in an interesting, untidy way--without any perfect conclusions--but in general, it's freeze dried, reconstituted thinking: just add liberal or conservative water as desired and voila! dinner is served.

Good post. It seems only so many plot threads can be advanced at once.

Red, I'm loving Anglachel lately!

That guy Sirota at OpenLeft particularly sets my teeth on edge. Sometimes he's pretty liberal on economic issues (which I prefer), but he's got a raging full-on case of Clinton Derangement Syndrome lately. Not that CDS is all that rare on the left blogs, either.

scott, someone should let sirota know they make a cream for that these days.

I wish they did. It was just kinda remarkable that for 2 or 3 days almost every post he did expressed his panic and revulsion that Obama was picking old Clinton Admin. hands and how that undermined the "change" mantra, etc. Weird.

If you really want to challenge yourself, check out www.correntewire.com

There you have a community of liberals who are largely un-enamored of Obama.

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