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March 22, 2009


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I've been in FLA all week and have been catching bits and pieces of the AIG fall-out from here, with some of a dated insider's view to accompany that. I find it absolutely amazing that a financial behemoth that so few people probably knew anything about even 2 years ago has become THE face of Wall Street EEE-VIL.

Maybe that's the point...to a certain extent we can't bring ourselves to castigate Bank of America or even Citibank as wholeheartedly, because their retail side is too present in our communities, and would require us to do some more soul-searching.

But AIG, the behind the scenes holding company for insurance and financial services lines of business that people only really hear about during clutch TV moments (like playoffs or late in the Oscars...yes, I do know how they spend their ad dollars!) - a perfect scapegoat, so far removed from our daily lives that our responsibility is yet again absolved.

My close relationship to the company is definitely forcing me to think about things in new ways, or more carefully, I think...

I believe it was Tracy Turnblatt who said You can't stop an avalanche as it races down the hill. You can try to stop the seasons, girl, but you know you never will.

The anger will go when it will. I don't think you're going to be able to talk people into letting go of it before they are ready.

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