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September 18, 2009


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We were talking about Mary Travers yesterday at work, and discovered that three of us were at that very same Pier 6 concert; one of my co-workers even brought up the poster of her granddaughter!

There was a "Peter Paul and Mommy" album that I have amazing memories of, also greatly influenced by my Mom.

I also grew up loving Peter Paul and Mary becasue of my Mom, not because she was anything like Mary Travers but simply because my Mom loved folk music and Peter Paul and Mary. In the late 70's when folk music went out of style this group was one that no one talked about anymore though my Mom and I continued to. And I still love my "Peter Paul and Mary Greatest Hits" album, which I still have though having recently given away my turntable I have now converted the album to CD.

"I'm in Love with a Big Blue Frog" was always one of my favorite songs and I always understood what it was really saying, having grown up next door a a suburban upper middle class black family that was just like my suburban upper middle class white family. But the song took on extra signifigance for me when I met the black man who would become my husband. And it remains one of favorite songs, it's clever, it's part of the poetry of a movement and again, it has meaning for me.

It's marvelous to know that I'm not alone in my love of this group!

"He's not as bad as he appears,
He's got rhythm and a PhD. "

Thanks for making me see this song for the allegory I tend to miss. I just
liked the love story... which probably says something about how,
occasionally, i get that love sees no color.

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