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December 14, 2009


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You're right, of course. But it makes me want to jump off a cliff.

(O, don't start.) LOL

Gotta love how over at TAPPED, threads concerning Taibbi's piece have about 200% of the # of comments placed elsewhere.

I'm seeing a bit of denial on this topic from establishment voices.

Nice post.

You're right about the hurdle. I wish you had included the post-graduate data because I honestly feel that set is the more significant set. That shows more clearly a marked and growing trend for Democratic tickets.

Again, I caution that 1988 was a landslide for the GOP and that thus distorts the initial marker. I wish I could have found the breakout going back to say to 1976 because I think that would give a clearer picture though I suspect that among college graduates that Ford outpaced Carter.

I do understand your point however.

On Obama not being working-class. Perhaps not. But Michelle Robinson Obama most certainly is despite her Princeton and Harvard degrees. It is not one's education that matters but one's values. I've got Stanford degrees and still think myself working-class in terms of my politics.

I also suspect that the Obama coalition of 2008 is untenable for Democrats in the long-term. I think it a serious mistake for the party to eschew the Jacksonian wing of the party. Problem is that there is an increasing cultural divide that the GOP has exploited to their advantage. I simply don't believe that the being the party of an"educated, upper middle class elite" holds much political promise if the poor are abandoned wholesale.


Charles Lemos

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