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November 17, 2010


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Let's not be careless in our glib remarks...Somewhere b/w 2/3 and 3/4 of college faculty are now adjuncts - these are not your $250k middle-class, but PT, no-benefits unless they're unionized workers who are exactly the types the Dems ought to be representing.

I'm assuming you're dismissing tenured college faculty at highly ranked institutions. The median faculty salary among FT, tenured faculty is about $84k, ranging from high 30ks and low 40ks for faculty at lower ranked institutions to the six figure salaries at elite universities and for rock star professors.

Precision is your friend!

Have to second Leigh's comment...maybe you mean college presidents? I don't know of many $250 thou plus professors.

But to the bigger point here, this "weak, ineffectual" narrative
assumes the Democrats have been acting on good faith, an assumption no longer safe (see the Great Uncle Aetna Bailout).

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