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November 19, 2010


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I'm thinking a lot of the very shrill criticism she receives has to be part misogyny...it's just too fever-pitched. Haven't seen anything like it since, oh yeah, Hillary.

Okay... but now what? We have to throw out every criticism of Palin because some are very anti-woman? I agree, she's subject to some pretty awful stuff, about being a woman, about being from the "wrong class", all of it. Those aren't the reasons she shouldn't be President. But she shouldn't be President, it seems to me, is still the bottom line.

One can agree she should not be president and still comment on the over-the-top quality to the criticism she's receiving. It's as though it's been agreed upon that she's the scariest republican out there, and I think that's the real danger here, ignoring the ones with actual institutionalized power.

But your comment brings up a contradiction I've seen more than once (and commented on to no response) in your posts. You seem to be saying there's no way she will become prez at the same time you fear its happening. Which is it?

I've thought a good bit about this, and no, to be clear, I don't fear she will become President; I am firmly convinced that she won't be, and I'm nearly as convinced - though not 100% - that Republicans will not be foolish enough to nominate her. At best, she'll be an interesting, possibly time consuming distraction for them.

At the same time, I suppose, I fear the energy spent paying attention to her - that, it seems to me, is the real timewaster, and I think you're right, at least somewhat, that it distracts from the other, worse Republicans with real power. But to me, it's more than that: it's that even spending spending time deciding which awful comments are worse than the others is itself a fool's errand. Some comments about her are, indeed, far worse than the others... but at some point... why are we paying attention to any of it? If it's just to highlight how awful it is to be antiwoman or classist... well, okay, but to what end? I don't mean to say any of it's okay... but you know, you work as hard as she does to be noticed, and some people will just be nuts about it. I don't know if you can control the reactions to her; I do think one can solve a lot of the issue around both her fame and the reaction to it by trying harder not to encourage her notoriety. You see what I mean?

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