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February 05, 2011


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The ads on Daily Kos (and most of the big blogs) are keyed toward the individual reader and recent browsing habits. So if you're getting Neiman Marcus ads, it's because something in your (obviously high-class) online activities indicates you'd be interested. (When I go to DK, I get eBay ads!)

Damn that search engine optimization!

It's a good point, and I don't generally think about it - partly because I don't shop online all that much (fancy or otherwise), and partly because the ads that get served always seem hilariously inappropriate.

There's a longer discussion to be had, and I never get around to it, about my general sense that online advertising is generally an enormous fail, for many of these reasons. When I worked in online marketing, click through rates for most ad content was abysmal; I doubt it's improved much, overall, and I was always skeptical of the insistence of senior marketing types that other, more aggressive efforts (marketer created websites, blogs, and now stuff like facebook pages for products) were making the difference. In general, I think ad money on the web gets thrown at a lot of creative exercises in wasting nearly everyone's time. And one small example is anyone thinking that a box ad for Neiman Marcus for a DVF dress and bag would cause me to do anything at all.

Thanks for the insight, though, just confirming my own Neiman Marcus Neo Marxist status. ;)

It's just "Neiman Neo-Marxist". :)

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