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March 02, 2011


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There's a decided component of the creative world which insists on a separate, dangerous standard for the especially creative, ignoring destructive behavior and excusing addiction as some sort of necessary "mind expansion."

And there's also a decided component of both the creative and consumer worlds that excuses and rewards - you're posting a pic of a collection of his? - pure and simple a-hole behavior as long as the a-hole in question is seen as "successful," however that happens to be measured.

Alcohol may have loosened Galliano's tongue like Mel Gibson before him, but the anti-semiticism was most likely already there.

And the idea of a World of Fashion that doesn't have Christian Dior, designed by John Galliano is just unimaginable.

Unimaginable? It's just this kind of hyperbolic fear of loss, methinks, that bankrolls the Gallianos, Sheens and Gibsons and the behavior you lament.

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