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September 20, 2011


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I am in a similar spot, where I miss writing but can't quite figure out my venue or what I want to say. I am too lazy/fearful to set aside some time to just write for myself, but also in part because I don't want to just write for myself (cuz then I could just keep a journal), I want to write for an audience. But about what? I started a parenting blog and decided everything I was saying was totally banal. I sort of miss writing about politics and development except that I'm spending all my time on those topics in the form of class syllabi, lectures, etc. I keep telling myself eventually I'll get the space back in my life where I will have the time to blog or write in some other format...but when will that be? Only I can make it happen...but what's left to say? What conversations do I want to join? What value am I adding? Etc. etc. etc.

Glad to have you back...been missing your insights on life and politics.

Thanks Len... but I'm still not as "back" as I would like to be. :)

And Leigh, I have to admit that my excuses are terrible and no reason not to be writing, so I would challenge you as well: the answers to the questions you raise are not answered by not writing. If you have something to say... say it. Don't write with the idea of "hitting a home run" with every piece. Writing, like every form of expression, takes work and practice. Do the work. That's how we get better. And the more we write, the more we will have to say, and the better we will say it.

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