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December 16, 2011


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I this this blog post is a good example of how silly Ron Paul's critics are. We have paragraphs of mediocre humor supposedly about how ridiculous Paul is, and basically nothing about why. Pretty much the best anyone against Paul can come up with is 'he is crazy because he is crazy!'.

I disagree. Ron Paul really does make a lot of sense.

Kate, you complain that there's "nothing about why" I disagree with Ron Paul... yet you offer nothing, essentially, to back up "Ron Paul really does make a lot of sense". About what? Opposing marriage licenses? Civil rights laws? Social Security?Please, lay some of this good sense on me... because that's not my impression of the man.

I don't think Ron Paul is crazy. I think he is wrong about many things, most fundamentally about the idea that America needs little or no centralized government. I could write a very long, largely pointless piece detailing just how wrong I think he is (for starters, you could try following the link I helpfully supplied about libertarianism), but, as I said, I think the larger point is that however seriously one wants to take Ron Paul, he is at best a marginal figure to the Republican Party and unlikely to be their nominee and even less likely to ever be President.

And, no joke, I think that's kind of a relief.

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