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November 07, 2012


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On the bright side, those of us who voted for Stein or other candidates beyond the two legacy parties' will not have the blood on our hands from drone killings or any other victims of the assassin-in-chief's extracurricular fun, and this will help me, for one, sleep better at night.

I missed you, too. :)

I don't dispute your bright side, though I think those "War on Terra" criticisms won't win many new supporters or adherents. I agree with many who complained that the third debate was especially frustrating because of Romney's "me too" attitude to essentially promising to do just what Obama was doing. And I suspect that performance ultimately finished his chances well before Sandy. We need a robust debate on foreign policy, the hangover of policies and tactics since 9/11, all of it. But still, I doubt many Americans are deeply anguished about a policy of sending unmanned drones to assassinate known, or even suspected, terrorists. That might change, but I think a surprising number of thoughtful people, left and right, are less disturbed about it than one might think. And I'll admit, me included, if it helps prevent any sort of future 9/11.

Oh I don't disagree about the amount of or lackthereof americans concerned...but I'm glad NOT to be in the group that isn't.

America earned its first 9/11 with just this attitude ages ago, and with folks like "you included" remaining unconcerned, is on track to get another. Have at it. Not my battle, not my fight, not my fault, and I really don't care how "unpopular" it will make me to say it.

Around 40,000 Marylanders can say the same, and I am happy to be in that number.

The more I think about it...

You claim to want to "prevent another 9/11." How do you reconcile that with all of the mini-9/11s we're causing around the globe. Or have you become that much of a jingoist now that only American lives on American soil matter?

If you remember 9/11 as I do, you wouldn't want to foist those sorrows on anyone. Unless this is about revenge still? o.k., clearly reaching there, but just not getting the dichotomy at play here.

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